Here is a list of our favorite local places to ride
This is a short list of parks and riding spots in the area. 

There are plenty more!

Prov Park

Located in Neutaconkanut Park on the Providence/Johnston line. This park was built to cruise with numerous hips and good flow. The sessions are always on here. A huge addition was put on in 2023 Directions

Roger Williams Bike Park

This dirt pump track and jump line are a collaboration between Circuit BMX and the Providence Parks Department and were completely built by volunteers. It is located within Roger Williams Park across from the Temple To Music and is always open to the public.


Pawtucket Park at Jenks Middle School

The newest park in R.I. and one of the nicest. Very clean and well kept with a little more on the street side of things. This park does not have as much flow as some other local parks but that adds for more of a challenge. Also, this park is only a five minute bike ride from Circuit. Directions

Merino Park/ Woony Adventure Park

Cement Pump track located in a large park in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence. From the parking lot of Merino park, walk across the soccer field, or follow the bike path that leads to a narrow path then open back up to a second field where the pump track is located. This is a public park so it's always open.  Directions

Jamestown Skatepark

Located in Jamestown, this was R.I.'s first poured concrete park. This park is super tight and fun as hell with a love seat and two tight bowls connected by a coping-to-coping spine. This park is one of a kind and the location might be the best for a hot summer day since it is on an island. Directions

Westerly Park at White Rock

Technically this park does not allow bikes but who's gonna stop you? Needless to say, this is a early morning hit, maybe before you head to the beach down south. Directions

Mickey Stevens Park in Warwick
This is one of the largest pre-fab parks you'll ever see. Lots of locals here and they all shred. For a pre-fab park it;s a lot of fun to cruise around. Directions

Killingly / Dayville Park
This park is just half hour from Providence. Its has lots back-and-forth riding.  If you want to hit some larger concrete tranny or get harassed by townies, this would be the place to go. Maybe you'll even get to snake HennyDirections

Foxboro Mass Skatepark (Seasonal)
This is a wooden park with sheet metal covering. This park has a variety of areas to ride including a 6ft mini and spine that flows into a half bowl with two hips. If you like to ride fast and go high then this is your place. On any given summer day the session is on here. Directions

Hyde Park (Boston)
H.P.has a good vibe going on. This park is newly rebuilt. Here are a few of the photos that I could find. Directions

K-Rob Foundation Bike Park

This park is located in East Providence and was built by the K-Rob Foundation. 

Classic back and forth wooden park with some nice features. 
Box Jump,Wall Ride,6’ Quarter Pipe etc.  
This is a short list of parks and pump tracks in the area. 
There are plenty more!!