Eclat Shift Freecoaster Rear Hub


The Shift Freecoaster hub utilizes Wethepeople’s patented HYBRID SYSTEM technology, making it 33% lighter than any other Freecoaster hub. The Hybrid design combines the smoothness and durability of a Cassette hub, with the endless possibilities of a Freecoaster. Paired up with Viper and Gong Nylon hub guards and an adjustable slack system, the Shift can also easily be converted into a Cassette hub in a matter of seconds.

  • Revolutionary Freecoaster hub using the patented Wethepeople HYBRID SYSTEM internals, making this a Freecoaster and Cassette in one hub
  • 6061-T6 alloy hub-shell with 14mm hollow bore, male axle, hardened heat-treated crmo
  • x3 high-quality bearing and bushing driver, x2 high-performance durable bearings in hub shell
  • 9t, driver features x3 bearings for added support
  • “MagnaDrive” Magnetic driver for increased performance and reliability
  • Easily converts to a cassette hub with no additional parts
By eclat

Color: Black